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New Start Ups and Sole Traders

New Start ups and Sole traders

Telecommunications is an essential part of any organisation, but for new start up businesses and sole traders, choosing the right solution at the right cost first time around is critical.


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SME Telephone Systems


Having the correct telecoms solution for your business can mean greater productivity and in turn greater profitability.


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Telefony for Corporate Organisations

Corporate Organisations

When providing customers with multiple or advanced telecommunications solutions, partnerships and experience count.


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Latest News

The National Franchise Exhibition was a great experience - and a huge success
Wed, 26th Oct 2016
The National Franchise Exhibition was a great experience - and a huge success I have never been to an exhibition about franchising your business before. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. What I discovered was brilliant. At the National...
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We're off to the National Franchise Exhibition
Wed, 7th Sep 2016
We're off to the National Franchise Exhibition Next month the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham will have over 100 stalls showcasing the very best in opportunities to become a franchisee. And we’ll be one of the...
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Contact centre technology - an agent of transformation
Tue, 15th May 2018
Posted onTuesday, May 15, 2018 - 19:07Overworked and bamboozled contact centre agents saddled with legacy technology could be forgiven for wanting to run to the hills after a torrid time handling the daily swamp of incoming contacts. But according to IPNetix MD Kevin Boyer (pictured), their lives could be transformed by a modern day multi-channel solution that delivers on the promise of a golden age in customer engagement. As an exclusive professional services provider for Avaya Contact Centre solutions, IPNetix knows first-hand what customers experience after a tech upgrade. "We implement solutions and then provide ongoing support," explained Boyer. "This offers a real-life view of what call centre teams think of the technology and how it affects their role and work life." He cited one business as an example, Carlisle Brass, a developer of door and window furniture for residential and commercial properties and part of the Arran Isle group of companies. Its Contact Centre Manager, Michele Hocking, once managed a team of agents swamped by answering a high number of calls and responding to orders, queries and issues as they came in. "They had no routing or tracking capability in the old system, so had a best endeavours approach to serving their customers without any intelligence on the profile of the caller," stated Boyer. Upgrading to Avaya Contact Center Select enabled Hocking to deliver a consistent level of customer service across teams, reporting and coaching, all of which were previously a challenge due to a lack of call demand management. "Equally, reports were a trial due to the inability to access all the required information, and coaching was simply secondary," said Boyer. "The only possibility was spending time sitting beside agents and listening to the customer interaction." Hocking added: "Despite all best endeavours to provide best in class customer service, call and customer wait time increased. It was an incredibly busy and reactive time and testing for the team. However, they did all they could to maintain an honest dialogue with customers, keeping them as informed and up to date as possible." With the Avaya solution in place Carlisle Brass has seen wait times cut in half and customer satisfaction increase. "Reporting is transformed, and a host of new insights have helped improve the customer journey," explained Hocking. The real impact, noted Boyer, has been to transform the everyday function of the team, primarily down to the call routing and management capabilities of the new system. "There is a call flow in place that ensures calls are shared equally and routed to the right team enabling deeper relationships between agents and customers," he said. "Calls are prioritised over email and faxes and all are delivered to the right team and agent, enabling a proactive approach with customer knowledge. "It now takes seconds to run reports and call recording has made a real difference to team coaching, along with individual performance monitoring." Hocking commented: "I now have greater insight into the workload of each agent and can use recorded calls to help provide targeted coaching." Hocking added that both she and the team are less stretched, more structured and focused in their approach. "This has had a tremendous impact not only for Carlisle Brass customers but for the team's wellbeing and culture," she stated. "None of the team are running for the door at the end of the day. The pressure to respond has been removed and we are relaxed and in control, which naturally improves our interaction with customers and our lives in general." According to Boyer, customer service really does begin with employees. "It is imperative to give them the ability to listen and resolve and ultimately deliver on time with perfection," he added. "The challenge for companies is to empower and motivate individuals to provide excellent customer service in an environment that considers their wellbeing." Related TopicsCase study Like 
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BFA accreditation something to celebrate
Sun, 6th Nov 2016
BFA accreditation something to celebrate Having decided to franchise the Fluid Network Solutions brand earlier this year we set about the task of getting all documentation in place. We worked with other agencies to create the information booklet,...
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The Shrewsbury Festival of Literature
Fri, 25th Nov 2016
The Shrewsbury Festival of Literature At Fluid Network Solutions we're very proud to be supporting Shrewsbury's first literary festival which takes place throughout the town on November 25 and 27. During the festival there will be a range...
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Fluid expands coverage with its first franchise partners
Wed, 25th Jan 2017
Fluid expands coverage with its first franchise partners Following a very successful launch exhibition at the British Franchise Associatioon's accredited National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC in Birmigham late 2016, Fluid are very please to...
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Never miss a call
Thu, 12th Jan 2017
Never miss a call A car and van rental company expanding into Chester have taken up Fluid’s high quality VoIP service, which provides them with everything they need from full call management information to call recording. Their biggest...
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The stars of tomorrow are supported by Fluid
Wed, 21st Dec 2016
The stars of tomorrow are supported by Fluid Football. It may not be something that automatically springs to mind when you think of telecommunications or Fluid Network Solutions. But I’m hoping Fluid and the great telecommunications work we...
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Empowered by Wi-Fi
Fri, 6th Apr 2018
Posted onFriday, April 6, 2018 - 12:28Multi-dimensional Wi-Fi solutions have created a new paradigm in comms, according to Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of global Wi-Fi analytics provider Purple WiFi, who offers an insight into the power of smart wireless solutions and what they could mean to you. Advanced Wi-Fi is moving away from the principle of providing Wi-Fi simply as a utility and a cost to the business, to become an experience enhancing and ultimately revenue generating tool that offers improved, actionable intelligence that is a boon to businesses. Purple's proposition is based on turning a Wi-Fi network into a revenue generation tool through social media integration, intuitive analytics and profile-based remarketing. "Advanced Wi-Fi provides endless opportunities for businesses to think more broadly about how they can connect and engage with customers," commented Wheeldon. "Through the installation of a visitor-based network, businesses can provide a high-speed and secure wireless connection for guests while also collecting data and demographic insights to help tailor and personalise communications, and therefore ultimately deliver a greatly enhanced customer experience." Personalising a customer's experience can have a significant impact on retention and revenue. However, efforts to engage with customers and make the most of revenue opportunities fall flat when businesses are unable to identify who is in their venue. "With Wi-Fi analytics, organisations can start collecting customer data such as demographics (name, date of birth, gender and hometown), customer contact information, customer interests (via social media), the frequency of visits, customer movements around venues and dwell times etc," added Wheeldon. "API access enables organisations to quickly integrate this data with their CRM system, something we see a lot of among our larger clients. Using this data, businesses can send real-time SMS and email campaigns to customers based on previous interactions with their brand, driving engagement and client satisfaction. Customers have come to expect personalised content and improved experiences." Purple WiFi's integrated marketing tool, called LogicFlow, enables businesses to create and deliver such bespoke marketing campaigns with 'minimal effort', noted Wheeldon, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing initiatives and business operations. Purple WiFi works with channel partners to present such RoI based solutions for deploying new and refreshed legacy infrastructures, often pulling through 20x the Purple license cost in attributed hardware and services contracts for the partner. According to a recent MarketsandMarkets report, which included input from Purple WiFi, the global managed Wi-Fi solutions market is expected to grow from $3.07 billion in 2017 to a $6.11 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 14.8 per cent during the forecast period. "Figures from our own data correlate with this prediction, with the number of UK venues using a guest Wi-Fi network increasing year-on-year (2016-17) by 36 per cent, while the number of users logging into the Wi-Fi at these venues rose by 57 per cent," said Wheeldon. Purple WiFi is headquartered in the UK and has international offices in the US, Chile, Spain, Singapore and Australia. Its enterprise solution is live in 24 languages across 160 countries. "We have data on 50 million unique individuals across 300 million visits to 34,000 venues," added Wheeldon. "From this data we have been able to conclude that on average 75 per cent of customers do not return to a venue. We appreciate that this figure will differ across sectors and industries, but customer retention is a huge pain point for many businesses. "Through the installation of a guest Wi-Fi network alone companies can improve customer retention by seven per cent. And by sending personalised real-time SMS and email marketing campaigns to guests this figure rises to 14 per cent. These increases can have a significant impact on revenue." The future for Wi-Fi is certainly robust, characterised by strong growth and continued technological innovations. "Advanced Wi-Fi appeals to more than just IT - tripling the addressable market," added Wheeldon. "We do a lot of work with digital marketing, planogramming, customer insight and experience teams." In working with channel partners Wheeldon has observed two key trends. "Resellers are moving towards a method of leading with RoI, touching customers' pain points and explaining ways they can support and help drive increased retention, which leads to a multi-dimensional Wi-Fi solution," he said. "We are also seeing a definite shift towards a managed service model where resellers can add value on a regular basis and generate recurring revenue. We expect this trend to continue as the demand for connectivity and wireless increases over the coming five years."• Related TopicsCase study Like 
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9 puts partners on road to IT services revenues
Fri, 2nd Feb 2018
Posted onFriday, February 2, 2018 - 12:23Appealing to partners on important matters outside their comfort zone is a productive strategy deployed by 9 which, for example, holds interactive workshops with resellers on how to confidently stride into the cloud IT services arena. It is a fact that the IT market is a beacon to which comms resellers should now be following, but the rise of data and cloud-based communications can seem a strategic minefield for traditional comms players. The key to unlocking their potential to succeed in these new markets, believes Director of 9 Partners Adam Cathcart (pictured above), is to pique their interest and genuinely listen, engage and consult on the crux of where opportunity meets challenge. "The channel is facing a range of pressures on traditional product margins, but there is potentially a larger upside opportunity presented by entry into a range of adjacent markets reselling new products and services," said Cathcart. "Simply handing over product information, as has been dictated by convention, is not enough. This is about presenting the opportunity, listening closely to real-world feedback and then delivering a go-to-market strategy and the support that our partners need to be successful." With their eyes opened to the potential for business growth in reselling products and services such as Microsoft's Office 365 portfolio, Cathcart says partners find the courage to meet the challenges head-on, rather than risk vanishing in a cloud because they have not been given a fighting chance to future proof their longer- term business planning. "Selecting the correct strategy, portfolio and provider can be a challenge and lead to inaction," added Cathcart. "But hearing Microsoft product experts describe the opportunity and share ideas on how to successfully market cloud IT services to current and new customers has proven to be a stimulating catalyst for partners who were once daunted by the notion of becoming an IT services provider." 9 stages its working groups at its headquarters in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. The company holds multiple Microsoft Gold Partner certifications and Cathcart noted that 9 has optimised its IT services product offering and commercials for partners and is planning to launch the proposition across the wider channel during Q2 this year. The cloud IT services portfolio is augmented by provisioning, billing and support services which Cathcart says will spark interest and growth across 9's partner base. "By reducing the barriers and friction that partners often encounter when adopting a new product we believe that our partners will be enabled to win business from day one," said Cathcart. "Experts from 9 will support partners across the complete sales journey, offering pre- sales, sales and marketing resources that work hand in hand with partners and their customers." One such partner is Lascom Managing Director Karl Cheshire (pictured left) who was drawn to 9's IT services strategy but required a leg-up to address the expansive opportunity that first appeared alien to him. "It is important for service providers to fully understand the issues facing their channel partners," he stated. "Standard product information and off-the-shelf training does little to encourage interest let alone action. But through focusing on partner feedback and listening to our viewpoints and concerns 9 has formulated an approach that helps companies such as mine to engage with our customers, influence the market and secure new cloud IT services business." Related TopicsCase study Like 
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Fluid Network Solutions provide us with a professional, straight forward and no-nonsense service. Set up was effortless and the savings are constant. How many other providers volunteer discounts? The frustrations of talking to BT are a thing of the past, and our world is a lighter place for it!!
- Russell Blower
HomeTyre, Shrewsbury
We had been with Fluid Network Solutions for only a few weeks when the call recording proved invaluable. A customer made what turned out to be a frivolous complaint and demanded a refund based on what he claimed he was told over the telephone. We used the interface to quickly and simply locate the recorded calls and disprove his version of events to refute the refund claim. Without the call recording it would have been our word against his and we would have felt pressure to make a refund. As it was we save the business significant costs in terms of refund and time investigating the claims. I would highly recommend call recording from Fluid Network Solutions as part of any business.
- Jason King
Bayfield Vehicle Hire
Most recently we have started to network our organisations together bringing real value and innovation to the supply chain and from large call centre organisations to small surgeries within the group, Fluid's approach has been first class in delivering a high quality and competitive service to our members.
- Peter Masters
I was recently approached by Rob Tolley from Fluid Network Solutions who wished to provide an alternative quote for our telecom services. Unfortunately we were unable to consider a move as our contract renewal date had passed, however Rob was kind enough to review our telecom bills and helped us identify an area where we had been overcharged and enabled us to claim reimbursement from our current supplier. I would recommend anyone contact Fluid Network Solutions as an option for an alternative network provider as I was impressed with their helpfulness and integrity.
- Sarah Hope
Much Wenlock & Cressage Medical Practice
Our phone system will never need updating again as it is 'virtual' and was significantly cheaper to install than an onsite hardware auto attendant set up. The phones work over the dedicated BT voice over data network and can be used wherever we can access the internet which is great for business continuity. The partner's mobiles are also to be included in the telephone network as extension numbers. Any phone call to any other phone on the Caracalls system 'are' free such as for instance any calls we make with Shropdoc. The Caracalls system also enables us to use the Shropdoc call handlers to take appointment related calls for us within agreed hours which reduces our reception burden and improves patient experience.
- Tony Marriott
Radbrook Green Surgery