1st November 2017

Why your business should consider new hosted telephony

Why your business should consider new hosted telephony

For any workplace, small or large, effective communication is key and despite the growth of mobile phones, most people need to have a quality office system. Nowadays this can be achieved very economically and efficiently using modern technology rather than old methods.

For some SME leaders, a barrier to moving to a hosted platform is the perception that you will lose the interconnectivity you need when using an in-house telephone system or “PBX”.  In the case of the EVE platform, this is the not the case at all. Indeed, all the core features you would expect on a PBX system such as call transfer, group pick up, message on hold, voice mail and hunt groups are available as standard, and are much more flexible than a traditional in house system.

The number of features that are ‘standard’ on the new EVE system will surprise you. And these are simply controlled through an online ‘portal’ which gives your company flexibility to grow or change when it suits you.

For multisite users there is the additional benefit of treating all sites as one, so group pickup or hunt groups are not confined to one location. Any calls between locations will now be treated as internal calls with no charges. Even home workers can be on the same virtual PBX as their colleagues, even using either Android or Apple mobiles.

Key features are:

• Transfer

Pass calls to your co-workers with easy-to-use controls. Choose between attended or blind transfer to announce the caller or pass straight through.

Group pickup

Answer a co-worker’s phone from your desk with the press of a button. Create secure pick-up groups through the state-of-the-art portal.

• Messaging-on-hold

Advertise your products and services with customised messaging on hold. It is simple and straightforward to upload your own messages or music through the portal.

• Hunt groups

The versatile hunt group service will direct calls to unlimited users either all at the same time or in a pre-planned sequence. To control calls out of hours, assign custom time-of-day routing plans.

• Voicemail

The voicemail service will allow your callers to leave a message. You will be alerted via a notification on your handset or the message arriving in your email inbox. Customise your voicemail message easily and at any time using the handset

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The next technical blog will cover how EVE manages  availability -how and when you can receive calls, and how you appear and handle the call when you’re cannot answer in person.

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