9th May 2017

Talking Big Business Telecoms in Salisbury

Big Business

It was great to meet owners and representatives from businesses large and small from right across Wiltshire and the surrounding areas at the recent Salisbury Big Business Expo Linking in with the Federation of Small Businesses marquee, we had the pleasure, amongst many others, of meeting up with the local organisers of the Kennet Valley Group and their particularly cuddly products!

For such a rural area, there is a fantastic diversity of businesses offering services and products of every description and it was great to network and discuss our projects. It was also a chance to talk about telecoms and help people to understand better the potential of modern systems and also to suggest new ideas and approaches. We also took up the opportunity to visit the free seminars and 1-1 sessions available from top class local advisors to tweak our marketing and media skills.


Telecommunications are vital to businesses and this was an opportunity to demonstrate our products and introduce a whole host of people to our 'no-nonsense' ethos in an industry which is often plagued with tales of woe and horror.

To provide the best connectivity, speed and reliability, we only use the lines and infrastructure supplied by BT. In fact, it's more often than not the same product you may already use but without the punitive and lengthy contracts, at cheaper rates and supported by a dedicated UK based business client services team. With such faith in what we offer, we maintain our standard contract term at just 30 days! After all, if we're getting it right for you, why would you need to change?!

The technology in use today has come a long way from plug in PBX systems popular with businesses a few years ago. While VoIP used to suffer with reliability issues ten years ago, it is now arguably the most robust, efficient and cost effective form of telecoms available and represents the future of connectivity for everyone.

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows you to send voice communications over the internet. To make calls via the Internet, VoIP will convert your voice into digital data and send this to your listener using an Internet connection. Your contact doesn't need to be using VoIP to talk to you. VoIP systems will connect with any phone including a landline, smart phone or even a traditional red phone box in the street!

VOIP telephone systems come as standard with loads of great features such as call forwarding, holding and three way calls and many more available that can be added at a touch of a button. What’s more, we can use geographic numbers to show your presence at a specific location despite the fact that you could be anywhere in the world – provided you have internet access.

Whether you're a sole trader, SME or large multi-outlet organization, we’d love to hear from you. So often we find that businesses rely on the ‘it isn’t broken, so why fix it rule’, only then to discover they’ve been paying exorbitant tariffs using inefficient systems. It costs nothing at all to find out!

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