17th July 2017

Hosted Telephony - The Next Generation

IRIS VOIP Technology

Fluid Network Solutions offers the best hosted voice system available on the market today. Branded IRIS, after the goddess of communication, by Fluid, it uses an exceptional voice platform.

Hosted technology based on the voice over internet protocol (VOIP) has been around commercially for several years, but as it is unregulated, the quality of the products varies considerably. This has made many businesses wary about switching their telephone systems from traditional PBXs and telephone lines to a hosted voice solution. Iris is a truly enterprise-class product. The platform it uses has been designed with no single point of failure, operates on Mitel and Oracle servers and is hosted within the Telehouse data centre in London, one of the most robust and connected data centres in the world. IRIS allows businesses to migrate to a hosted platform with confidence it is the best technical solution available.

In our next series of blogs we will be explaining the unique features available on IRIS and discussing the huge range of options this platform offers. These will include defining the core features of the product as well as innovative new areas such as its integration with the office IT systems, multisite operation, inbound call management, conferencing, instant messaging, recording operations, number management and the integral app.

These blogs will link to datasheets available to be emailed to interested readers. We start with a blog discussing the core features of the product.