18th October 2017

It's Good to Talk. How do you use your Business Telecoms in Wessex?

In the world of telecommunication where nothing sits still for long, it'd be really easy to stick with what you've already got. After all - if it's not broken, why fix it right?

There are so many easily and affordably accessible business telephony systems and upgrades available to modern businesses where huge time and effort savings can be acquired almost overnight.  On a recent site visit to a pretty large company in Swindon, we noted practises that had clearly evolved and remained unchallenged for years. A simple example included a call being received by one person sat at a desk and the receiver actually being handed across a desk divider to the intended recipient! And this is a modern business!!  This was a prime example of 'it works - sort of', but actually is a huge failing of efficiency in all respects.

An holistic view

Perhaps take an holistic view of the operation you work in. What have you grown accustomed to putting up with, without taking time out to consider how improvements could be made?
Telephony has and continues to improve. We're a world away from where things were just five years ago. Traditional telephone system upgrades used to run into thousands of pounds. Today's Internet based (known as VoiP – Voice over IP) telephony is stable, reliable, crystal clear and incredibly cost effective. The 'clever stuff' is all offsite in the cloud. A new phone system is now just a choice of preferred handsets and a veritable pic'n'mix of useful features - and only those that will be of use to your business. 
Get in touch today. It's not scary. You just need to know what is out there and what that means to you in terms of cost and savings. We'd love to talk to you too…

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