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Hosted Telephony - VoIP

The use of hosted IP based solutions is becoming a substantive alternative to the traditional PABX, in all sectors of the market.

It is especially attractive to multi site businesses and smaller organisations looking for communication solutions which are traditionally associated with the more complex and larger sites.

Fluid provide both hosted IP Telephony solutions and SIP trunking, all designed to improve business efficiency and maximise the value from expenditure on business voice communication solutions.

Here at Fluid we recognise that for all IP Telephony solutions, configuration and connectivity are key issues and these have to be 100% correct if problems are to be avoided. This has led to the development of a completely managed end to end solution, which is designed to eliminate the connectivity and configuration concerns.

By using the BroadSoft platform, which has been widely recognised worldwide throughout the telecoms industry, for its leadership in setting industry standards and as voice and data networks converge, Fluid can provide the most up to date technology on an ongoing basis.

Working from a complete understanding of your communications profile, Fluid will provide a bespoke solution that provides an exact match with your current and future expectations. A dedicated Project manager will oversee every part of the process from pre-installation to completion, including on-site user training to ensure that the system is fully operational and performing as intended.