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New Start ups and Sole traders

Telecommunications is an essential part of any organisation, but for new start up businesses and sole traders, choosing the right solution at the right cost first time around is critical.

Every company is unique and we all want our own business to stand out from our competitors. Being easily contactable is one of the most essential parts of any organisation, whether you are on site, on the road or in a meeting, Fluid will show how to never miss a call.

By working in partnership with Fluid and getting help and advice from your very own dedicated account manager, you can rest assured that you will be guided through all the latest technologies, but in a language you will understand, to find the perfect fit for your business.

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Having the correct telecoms solution for your business can mean greater productivity and in turn greater profitability.

It's not just huge national companies with call centres that rely on statistical information, many smaller businesses rely heavily on call statistics too. By knowing where, when and how your sales calls come in can help you manage your business far more efficiently and effectively.

If your business relies on calls being routed to specific locations, such as home workers or different sites we can help provide the correct solution using the very latest in intelligent networking.

Simply speak with your dedicated Customer Account Manager who will be delighted to carry out an impartial review of all your current telecoms services.

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Corporate Organisations

When providing customers with multiple or advanced telecommunications solutions, partnerships and experience count…

At Fluid we work with all the major carriers and suppliers in the industry, therefore we are able to provide totally bespoke solutions for every aspect of your company’s requirements.

It’s a fact that all suppliers have their own strengths and weaknesses’, so knowing who to go to for the best service option is critical when offering bespoke solutions.

It is highly unlikely that a single carrier can provide the perfect solution for any large organisation, but being able to pick the best services from each supplier and to unify them all together under the Fluid umbrella, makes things so much easier. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make business life easier. Leaving you with more time to do what you do best, run your business

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