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25th April 2018

BMW or Ferrari?

It’s probably the last thing on your mind, but just think for one minute, how important is your phone service/system to your business? Think about having that system taken away, disappearing, vanishing into thin air, how are you going to contact customers? More importantly, how are they going to contact you?


OK, so now it’s like having BMW without any wheels, what is the point? Well, how about if I said, right, what I am going to do is replace that BMW with a Ferrari 458 Spider and I’m not going to charge you anymore than you are currently paying, in fact, no catches, no hidden surprises, but it’s actually going to be less! Come on, you would snap my hand off, wouldn’t you?

Well the bad news is, I’m not replacing your BMW or any of your cars for that matter with a Ferrari, of any kind. I could however replace your existing telephone system a state of the art, all bells and whistles, brand spanking new one.

OK, so what’s the benefit of having a new phone system? Well, put quite simply, your phone system should be an asset to your company. If a new prospect phones you, whether you like it or not, this what they get as a first impression of your organisation, so you want it to be slick and professional and you want the calls dealt with efficiently. Have you ever phoned a company and the phone was either not answered or worse still it was answered with ‘hello’? Be honest, what are your instant thoughts of that company? I’m sure nobody wants that for their company, but it still happens.

Let’s look at some of the most up to date features that are now available to companies of all sizes: -

Auto attendant: - press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts etc. Although some people suggest that they don’t like them, if they are set up correctly, without too many options, they will give your company a really good first impression. OK, so you’re off to a good start.

On-hold music or marketing message: - More and more these days’ organisations are using marketing messages instead of music to play to their customers. The benefit of this is that gives you the option to either reinforce the quality of your current service or even better you get the chance to promote/upsell other products and services, either way it will almost certainly increase your turnover, without you doing the hard sell. So your phone system is starting to work for you.

Voicemail personal and group: - Having a good quality personal voice message and an even better group voice message, can only enhance the image of your company. The benefit of voicemail is so you do not miss any calls, whilst you are away from your desk, or on another call. Returning a call always makes you look efficient and that’s what your customers want. A group voicemail is mostly used for receiving calls out of normal working hours and with the right message, it will show that you really care about your prospects and customers, which will once again improve your chance of gaining more business. Now, you and your phone system are working in tandem.

Call recording: - You can either have record all calls or just ad-hoc call recording, which is where you can just instigate a call to be recorded whilst you actually on the call by pressing a button on the phone or app. The main benefit of call recording is to protect you from what you have purported to have said should you have any issues with difficult clients, although it is a fact that everyone acts very differently if they know that their call is being recorded. The call recordings are industry compliant with various search options, number, time, date etc. which makes finding individual calls as easy as 1, 2, 3, then simply download the call at the click of a button on the portal and there you have it a call recording service, which is normally only provided for the big boys. Now you are really looking the part.

Business continuity: - Should a disaster happen, such as network failure, evacuation etc. you can have pre-set rules to reroute the calls to anywhere in the world automatically, including a mobile. Alternatively, you can manually reroute the calls, should you decide that you want to work from a different location, whatever happens, you know you are still going to get those calls and that could be just the one you have been waiting for. You’re on a roll now

Mobile phone app: - All the applications including call recording, can be utilised by downloading a mobile app on your smart phone, which means that you can make calls from your mobile phone as if you were in the office, even if you are abroad. All the functionality usually restricted to traditional handsets is now available on the mobile app, which means that you can pick up your company voice messages from almost anywhere in the world, creating a slick experience for you and your customers. Well, you’ve well and truly nailed it, why wouldn’t they deal with you?

These are just a few of the applications, plus there are many more, that can be put together to provide a bespoke solution, solely for you and your company.

Now that’s the Ferrari of telecoms.https://www.fluidnetworksolutions.co.uk/assets/images/gallery/ferrari-488gtb1_thumb.jpg

So even if you do have the BMW of telecoms, you can now have a Ferrari for probably less than what you are paying currently.

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